Antique Brass Alcohol Stove


Why an Alcohol Burner?

The Bushcraft Spain Alcohol Stove is a powerhouse of a stove with a convenient cover that allows you to store the fuel inside the stove for transport. This style of burner is known for its rock-solid reliability and is the gold standard that other stoves are compared to. It includes a simmer ring that you can use to reduce the heat from the stove and allows limited simmering. The stove does require a stand which you can craft easily.

It is a great backup fuel source and companion to your cooking kit. When used inside a twig stove, this alcohol burner benefits from the efficient air flow system, which means achieving faster boil times. A convenient flame regulator lets you control or put out the flame with ease. The screw top cap features a rubber gasket which allows you to store fuel directly in the alcohol burner for extended periods of time without leakage.

Three small wooden or steel pegs can be used to construct a quick platform on top of which to boil your water or cook your meals as well. The beauty of a vintage style alcohol can’t be underestimated, taking into account how little space it takes and how simple it is to operate.

Interested in a custom waxed canvas bag for your alcohol stove? Write us a chat and we will make one specially for you!

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  • Fast boiling times: 5-7 minutes to boil 1L (32 fl oz) of water
  • Fuel: Denatured alcohol/methylated spirits
  • Size: Height 4,6cm, Diameter 7,4cm (Height 1.8″, Diameter 2.9″)
  • Weight: 92g (3.5 oz)
  • Materials: High quality brass

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