Vargo ‘Ti-Lite Boiler’


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Triple your cooking capability and efficiency with the Vargo Titanium ‘Ti-Boiler’. The pairing of the titanium ‘Ti-Lite 900 ml Mug’ with a titanium 400 ml lid-pan vargo created a double boiler system that allows you to cook two items at once to save both time and fuel. The lid-pan is uniquely designed to nest on top of the mug to utilize the captured heat from the mug to cook food slowly preventing burning. Ultralight titanium construction, biocompatible, with foldaway handles and mesh storage bag.

– Saves fuel and time


Available on backorder

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• Titanium

• Cooking set

• Pack Ø 12,7 H 9,5 cm

• Weight 187 g

• 900 ml volume cup / pot

• 400 ml volume lid / pan

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