Vargo Hexagon’ Titanstove


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The ultimate, outdoor mini-cooker. Delivered folded flat in a nylon pack sack in an unbelievably small pack size. Opened, its true `largeness´ is revealed. The sections, which can withstand great heat, are quickly put together. Warm with small pieces of wood, turf or other flammable material. Naturallly a small spirit cooker ( e.g. Vargo Decagon) or an Esbit cooker can be installed and the Hexagon used as a windshield. A pot (up to 1,4 L) can be used on the oven. The conical form enhances draught and fuel can be added easily through the front `door´, which in turn regulates the air flow to increase heat.


Available on backorder

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• Weight 116 g

• Titanium

• Ø 12,7 (bottom) / Ø 7,6 (top) x H 10 cm

• Attention: use fireproof underlay!

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