The 100% natural fire starter.

From Latin ‘Taeda‘ (Spanish: Τea), its name defines pine trees once they are filled with resin and have been used as kindling for centuries. This natural resin, when ignited, exhibits rapid combustibility and long-lasting burnout with minimal dirt. A few sticks will start a roaring fire. It is also a safe, simple and hassle-free way to start a fire in a fireplace, barbecue, pellet stove, wood or charcoal or campfire.

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  • Set of 10 tea sticks
  • From a sustainable Pinus pinaster forest
  • Resin 80%. Without chemicals.
  • First quality.
  • It works even when wet.
  • Produces an extremely hot flame.
  • Completely natural product.
  • Perfect for fire starting in combination with a ferrocerium rod
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