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100% Cashmere Blanket


A lightweight, soft blanket made of 100% highest quality Mongolian cashmere, which is considered to be the most valuable fibre in the world. It has antiallergic and thermal properties, which keep the body temperature constant. The product is pleasant to the touch, durable and odours and moisture non-absorbent. This collection has thus a great variety of choices.

They are very soft and warm, perfect for decorating a traditional house or cabin, and of course excellent at camp next to a fire. Using one of these blankets as a sleeping pad or as a simple cover will let you know this is quality you have rarely seen in blankets made nowadays; mongolian goat’s cashmere is light, soft and warm due to the geographical location of their country and harsh climate. Therefore the blanket is woven from the finest pure cashmere for simple elegance, comfort, softness and warmth.

100% Made in Spain

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Material: 100% Mongolian Cashmere
Sizes: THROW SIZE 130x200cm
Density: 290g/m2 (8.5oz)
Washing instructions:
1_Do not wash
2_Do not bleach
3_Do not tumble dry
4_Do not Iron
5_Dry Cleaning
Keeping instructions: Use a velvet brush, always in the direction of the nap.

Made in Spain

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