10x10ft Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp

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Lo and behold, the Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp


Wagon carrying canvas tarps and bedrolls.

We have designed this Sunshine Canvas fabric specially for this classic piece of history: a sturdy and reliable cover that you wouldn’t likely burn holes through (unlike the flimsy nylon kind), and to use as a ground cloth thanks to its reliability. A little work on your part will turn it into an amazing sleeping shelter. With a bit of time and practice you can configure this shelter to withstand all kinds of elements. Give it a try! As we said, this 3kg (6lb 10oz.) and 3 x 3m (10′ x 10′) tarp is made of our exclusive Sunshine Canvas, a 300gsm (9 oz.) 100% cotton canvas. We put in lots of attachment points so you could make variety of configurations, just like campers of the past did centuries ago.

We were pioneers in the manufacture of Oilskin Tarps in Europe and they gained their fame across the World. We had to pay homage to the grandfather of tarps by creating the Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp. It’s an effective, durable shelter and an amazing tarp for your everyday work in the field, beach BBQ or… the wildest adventures you could imagine.

Made in Spain

BASIC CAMP KIT (includes the Canvas Tarp)




PREMIUM CAMP KIT (includes the Canvas Tarp)




BEDROLL CAMP KIT (includes the Canvas Tarp)


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  • Dimensions: 3x3m (10’x10′) A versatile and ample space. A roomy shelter in nature.
  • Colour: 100% Natural Cotton. Small specs of the cotton plant can be seen, the way it has always been in nature.
  • 19 different heavy duty tie-out loops for infinite configurations
  • Weight: 3kg (6lb 10oz.). Sturdy yet packable.
  • This 100% Cotton Canvas Tarp breathes, repels water and withstands the casual fire ember; the dense canvas will also protect you from the scorching sun thanks to its light colour and natural properties.
  • Multiple uses: Backpack, Bivvy bag, ground cloth, multiple configurations… a sure bet at the beach!
  • Our tarps are strictly handmade and show slight variations in weight, dimensions and colour; making each tarp unique.
  • Authentic 100% leather Bushcraft Spain tag.
  • Our exclusive Sunshine Canvas is breathable and bright as well as water repellent, rot and mildew resistant. Its tight weave will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Camp Kit

Only Tarp, Basic, Premium, Cowboy Bedroll

Storage Bag

No, Yes

Extra Fabric Scraps

No, Yes (5)

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