Toledo Tent Stakes


Imagine finding the perfect camping spot, only to discover your aluminum tent pegs will readily bend when driving them into the ground. This has been an everlasting nuisance for most campers, you can take our word for it: Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in the world!

The Toledo Tent Stakes consist of 10 zinc-plated 6mm wide steel wires turned into sturdy nails. The hardened point will displace or break most stones the moment you start driving it into the hard ground! The cross-bar, reminiscent of those famous Toledan swords, will keep the loops of any tent or tarp tightly bound to it, and with a nice tug from it you’ll be able to extract the tent peg.


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  • Professionally forged stakes for tents, tarps or awnings.
  • Each of them has a length of 17cm (6″3/4) and is made of steel with a thickness of 6mm (1/4″).
  • This Zinc-plated steel wire is intended for the hardest ground.
  • The stakes won’t bend or break when they hit a rock!
  • 10 Tent Stakes.

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