Premium Mohair Blankets

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Handmade and classic, these spanish made mohair blankets make some of the softest and warmest beds in the woods, but they also excel at home or a cozy cabin.

They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, plain colors, tartans, or big squares with different and tasteful shades.

Our premium blankets, due to high demand, are sometimes made to order. Please let us know which model is your favourite and we’ll be happy help! 🙂

Available sizes are THROW 130x200cm (51×79″), FULL 160x240cm (63×94″), QUEEN 220x240cm(87×94″), KING 260x240cm(102×94″)

100% Made in Spain



Material: 73% Mohair + 24% Wool + 3% Other fibers

Sizes: Variable depending on the model, mainly THROW 130x200cm (51×79″), FULL 160x240cm (63×94″), QUEEN 220x240cm(87×94″), KING 260x240cm(102×94″)

Density: 450g/m2 (13oz)

Washing instructions:

1_Do not wash

2_Do not bleach

3_Do not tumble dry

4_Do not Iron

5_Dry Cleaning

Keeping instructions: Brush with a hard clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap.

Made in Spain

Additional information


REF.1, REF.5, REF.14, REF.18, REF.19-B, REF.19, REF.22, REF.27, REF.43, REF.48, REF.52, REF.93, REF.126, REF.130, REF.207, REF.315, REF.332, REF.343, REF.410, REF.417, REF.421, REF.424, REF.425, REF.446, REF.456, REF.459, REF.465, REF.475, REF.484, REF.485, REF.512, REF.600, REF.602, REF.603, REF.604, REF.606, REF.609, REF.626, REF.634, REF.683, REF.720, REF.759, REF.793, REF.803, REF.823, REF.935, REF.976-B, REF.4005, REF.4008, REF.4015, REF.4016, REF.4018, REF.4019, REF.4022, REF.4023, REF.4024, REF.4025, REF.9210, REF.CB-1, REF.CB-2, REF.CB-9, REF.CB-14, REF.J-50, REF.J-74, REF.RZ-9, REF.RZ-12, REF.RZ-13, REF.RZ-17, REF.RZ-29, REF.RZ-31, REF.RZ-32, REF.RZ-33


130×200 cm, 160×240 cm, 220×240 cm, 240×260 cm

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