Polish Poncho Lavvu Modification

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– The featured lavvu mod requires owning a polish lavvu tent beforehand –

Works perfectly with our Polish Lavvu Ground Cloth ! In addition, adding any of our Oilskin & Wool Ground Cloths will make this camp one of the coziest ever made.

Many people asked us about something that needed to be done about the wonderful Polish Lavvu Poncho Tent!

The Polish Lavvu Poncho Tent has been a reliable go-to piece of gear for those who were seeking a quality canvas tent that didn’t break the bank and could be useful for other tasks. Hot tents, small one-man shelters using one of the halves, three different lavvu / teepee style tent sizes. Everybody knows them, most have them.There was a small improvement to be made: even the polish lavvu size 3 could only shelter two people. What if the group of campers was bigger than two? For those who liked using a wood stove it was clearly impossible to fit two people comfortably and the stove safely. And let’s not mention size 1 or size 2…As a matter of fact, this brilliant design didn’t have the campers of tomorrow in mind. We are taller than 50 years ago, and sleeping in them always requires readjusting our sleeping position thoroughly. Tall people, big groups, winter campers and, in general, people who like to camp comfortably will surely appreciate our Polish Poncho-Lavvu Modification. Weighing 1,4kg (3lb) and packing as small as another poncho half, this piece of gear can be transported easily, folded, rolled or used as a poncho, thanks to its waterproof qualities and its two vents, through which you can introduce your head. If you are wearing a hat, this poncho will keep you 100% bone-dry.

Setting it up is easy-peasy! We have put great care in making every grommet  adapt to any of the three sizes available for the lavvu tent, then the multiple buttons can be buttoned following the lavvu’s own buttonholes, the top of the canvas features a clever pocket for the tent pole. Two vents in the middle of the canvas, in the same fashion as those used in the original lavvu, help against the condensation issue many tents have. The 100% cotton canvas, along with the multiple vents allow great airflow and make condensation a problem of the past.

This shelter, using two halves with the middle piece open on one side, or used as a wedge tent with only one of the poncho halves, allows you to have a small campfire in the front. When closed, a wood stove can be carefully placed inside*, keeping you warm and comfortable in your own 100% cotton canvas tent. Check out the new video of Northern Woodsmen using our Polish Lavvu Poncho Tent modification.

Made in Spain


BASIC CAMP KIT (includes the Canvas Mod)




PREMIUM CAMP KIT (includes the Canvas Mod)




BEDROLL CAMP KIT (includes the Canvas Mod)

*Please follow common sense and as many precautions as possible, accidents do happen! We are not responsible for any damage cause by negligence.

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  • Shelters up to 3 people using one poncho, and up to 5 people using two poncho halves.
  • Height while used as a tent: approx. 1,45m /47″
  • Width: 2,5m/100″ when set-up together with the poncho/s
  • Area of one poncho + modification : 6m² / 64 sqft
  • Area of two ponchos + modification: 8,4m² / 90 sqft
  • Packed size: approx. 40cm x 30cm x 5cm  ( 16″ x 12″ x 2″ )
  • Weight: approx. 2,4kg ( 5.5lbs )
  • Colour: Olive green
  • Buttons, windows and eyelets as close as the original as possible for aesthetic continuity
  • This 100% Cotton Canvas Polish Poncho Lavvu Tent modification breathes, repels water and withstands the casual fire ember; the dense canvas will also protect you from the scorching sun thanks to its light colour and natural properties.
  • Multiple uses: Bivvy bag, ground cloth, one or two ponchos can be used with it…
  • Our tents are strictly handmade and show slight variations in weight, dimensions and colour; making each tent unique.
  • Can be used as an additional poncho, just fold the piece in two and the two windows will leave room for your head to go through.
  • Our exclusive Sunshine Canvas™ is water repellent, rot and mildew resistant. Its tight weave will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Polish Lavvu Poncho halves, poles, pegs or rope not included.

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