Genuine Nessmuk Oilskin Tarp

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Here you have it: the Genuine Nessmuk Oilskin Tarp, or as he liked to call it, his Shelter-Cloth. Follow the steps of the Grandfather of Bushcraft.

George W. Sears, aka Nessmuk. 1860

The compact and light 2×2,5 meter cotton canvas weighs around 1,8kg / 3lb 8oz and it proved more than enough on multiple of his adventures in the Adirondacks. The tarp is finished with 9 sturdy loops for your comfort. Its layer of wax and oil provides resistance to water, which will slide down the tarp, thus making it very waterproof.

We were pioneers in the manufacture of Oilskin Tarps in Europe and they gained their fame across the World. We have paid all our care to their composition: The Nessmuk Tarp follows the specifications Nessmuk gave in his book Woodcraft and Camping:

“A soft, warm blanket-bag, open at the ends, and just long enough to cover the sleeper, with an oblong square of water-proofed cotton cloth 6×8 feet, will give warmth and shelter by night and will weigh together five or six pounds.”

We took note of this, and since George Washington Sears weighed 47kg (103lb) and measured 1,60m (5′ 3″), the Shelter-Cloth had to be modified slightly to be able to cover the bigger campers of today: we added some inches in its width and length to become the handy tarp that many love.

Made in Spain

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  • Dimensions: 2.5x2m (6’7″x8’2″) The historical specs given by Nessmuk, adapted to today’s standards for campers worldwide
  • Colours: Mountain Brown
  • Its natural colour will make this Shelter-Cloth blend in the surroundings, living the experiences of the Grandfather of Bushcraft
  • Nine different attachment points to build your own home in the woods
  • Weight: 1,8kg (3lb 8oz). The actual weight and density described on his book Woodcraft and Camping.
  • It breathes, repels water and withstands the casual fire ember.
  • Multiple uses: Backpack, Bivvy bag, multiple configurations…
  • Our tarps are strictly handmade and show slight variations in weight, dimensions and colour; making each tarp unique.
  • Authentic 100% leather Bushcraft Spain tag

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