Mohair & Sheepswool Blankets

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Traditionally artisanal, these mohair and sheepswool blankets sport both neutral colors inspired by 18th and 19th century designs with a twist, as well as vibrant and colorful designs. This collection has thus a great variety of choices.

They are very soft and warm, perfect for decorating a traditional house or cabin, and of course excellent at camp next to a fire. Using one of these blankets as a sleeping pad or as a simple cover will let you know this is quality you have rarely seen in blankets made nowadays; and when used in pairs, these throw sized blankets become an incredible staple in your sleep system.

Our premium blankets, due to high demand, are sometimes made to order. Please let us know which model is your favourite and we’ll be happy help! 🙂

100% Made in Spain



Material: 50% Mohair + 48% Wool + 2% Other fibers

Sizes: THROW SIZE 130x200cm

Density: 480g/m2 (14oz)

Washing instructions:

1. Do not wash

2. Do not bleach

3. Do not tumble dry

4. Do not Iron

5. Dry Cleaning

Keeping instructions: Brush with a hard clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap.

Made in Spain

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D-12, D-28, D-1, D-41, D-19, D-40, D-44, D-39, D-37, D-6, D-43, D-42, D-2, SE-26, SE-27, SE-28, SE-29, SE-5, SE-8, M-34, M-35, M-36, M-37, M-8, SE-1, SE-25, M-14, M-16, M-17, M-30, M-31, M-32, M-33

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