Authentic Valencian Paella

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When we think of a Valencian paella, images of the countryside and tradition, of meeting and companionship, are evoked. It is one of the best-known Spanish containers and one of our favourites! There’s much to be said about a party of campers that carry a paella with them 🙂

With the paella you can make great dishes to feed a large group; grilling, frying, boiling … its flat design and two handles make it easy to carry in a backpack.

The paella also hides other less orthodox uses: If we choose a polished carbon steel or stainless steel paella, it can perform the function of an emergency signaling mirror, and if we do not want to waste our voice shouting and we do not have a whistle, it can be hit to create a very amplified and characteristic sound. If we chose an enameled or stainless steel one, we would not have to maintain the care that polished steel requires. Stainless steel paellas are, however, more expensive due to their manufacturing process

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Made in Spain by the prestigious brand Garcima. Do not accept imitations.

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The “Pata Negra” polished steel paellas are designed for very intensive use. The thickness of the steel used is the largest on the market, which leads to a significant increase in resistance to deformation and better heat maintenance. Ideal for hospitality. Maintenance instructions: As it is a product made of steel to keep the paella in perfect condition, remember that once it is clean and dry it is necessary to spread it with a paper impregnated with cooking oil. We recommend that you keep it wrapped in paper, inside a plastic bag.

The enameled steel paella pan is made of steel coated with a black and white speckled enamel, so rust will not be a problem. They are easy to clean and store and do not need oil after use.

Stainless steel paellas do not require special care either and have the advantage of spreading heat more directly.

  • Polished, stainless or enameled steel pan with 2 steel rivets per handle and 2 handles.
  • Suitable for use with gas or firewood.
  • Diameter: Minimum diameter 20cm (8in).
  • Ask us for recipes for paella!

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