Muela Big Five B.F-LEOPARD Luxury Knife


Manufacturas Muela maker of knives and artisan folding knives, presents, within the family of LUXURY KNIVES, the Leopard luxury knife from the BIG FIVE series.

The image of the Muela finishing knife emerges from the horn handle and double-edged blade.

The cover of this model also includes a crocodile piece that enhances its appeal and exclusivity. Its curb has been conveniently adapted to the shape of the guard.

The image speaks for itself to assess the quality of the sculptures of the honored animals. Manufacturas Muela will make only 150 pieces per model in this collection.

Made in Spain

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Blade type: Hunting / Bowie – Blade length: 24 cm

Handle length: 16 cm

Total length: 40 cm

Blade material: Steel chrome vanadium alloy

Hardness: 60/62 HRc

Handle material: Stag horn with rosette decorated with a piece of sterling silver. The centerpiece is sterling silver imitating the head of a leopard. Includes two pieces in gold engraved with the serial number and Masai shield.

Case material: Premium leather with a piece of Nile crocodile skin.

Weight: 666 g

Extras: Limited numbered edition of 150 units.

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