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Traditionally artisanal, these mohair and sheepswool blankets sport both neutral colors inspired by 18th and 19th century designs with a twist, as well as vibrant and colorful designs. This collection has thus a great variety of choices.

They are very soft and warm, perfect for decorating a traditional house or cabin, and of course excellent at camp next to a fire. Using one of these blankets as a sleeping pad or as a simple cover will let you know this is quality you have rarely seen in blankets made nowadays; and when used in pairs, these throw sized blankets become an incredible staple in your sleep system.

100% Made in Spain



Material: 50% Mohair + 48% Wool + 2% Other fibers

Sizes: THROW SIZE 130x200cm

Density: 480g/m2 (14oz)

Washing instructions:

1. Do not wash

2. Do not bleach

3. Do not tumble dry

4. Do not Iron

5. Dry Cleaning

Keeping instructions: Brush with a hard clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap.

Made in Spain

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SE-1, SE-5, SE-8, SE-26, SE-27, SE-28, SE-29, M-8, M-14, M-16, M-17, M-30, M-31, M-38, M-40, M-42, D-37, D-6, D-43, D-42, D-2, D-12, D-28, D-1, D-41, D-19, D-40, D-39

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