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Finnish Loue canvas tent


A. E. Järvinen

A. E. Järvinen

Made of a reliable, and traditional organic 100% cotton fabric; the way they were made. This is our tribute, don’t settle for less: cotton fabrics are more breathable, more authentic, naturally UV-resistant, and they are available in Forest Green and Natural Canvas (and Forest Green or Mountain Brown for our oilskin version of the Loue Shelter), for setting up camps that are perfect for hunting and trekking. Gear that blends in nature, the way camping should be.

A. E. Järvinen, the famous Finnish forester , painter and writer, graduated as a forester in 1915, after which he applied for a permanent job in Lapland . In the years 1915–1958, Järvinen worked in Rovaniemi as a forest appraiser for Metsähallitus and later as chief forester as head of the appraisal office. In his books he wrote:

“Those, who want to spend their night by a log fire, are naturally carrying an axe with them. But it is also very important to have a loue-fabric, a protector from the wind and rain. A loue-shelter is placed near the campfire. This shelter makes the log fire perfectly safe.”

“A shelter like this is good for a small group of 1-3 persons. You sleep on the ground diagonally, with your feet facing the fire. It is very light and spacious. A good shelter for the rain with no smoke. You can build it quickly and easily any time of the year[…] When the log fire is near enough, and the shelter is correctly built, it is warm under the Loue. As warm as in a proper house!”


Kullervo Kemppinen

Kullervo Kemppinen

By the time Kullervo Kemppinen made the Loue world-famous, this boy-scout leader already wrote dozens of books about the outdoors. The hill hiking books are based on more than 50 hill hikes made by Kemppinen between 1948 and 1995 to the Saariselä fells, Lemmenjoki , Muotka and Paistunturi , Pallas-Ounas and Käsivarte and Ruija . The first book Lumikuru, stories and pictures from the Saariselkä fells is based on the experiences of a hike already done in 1950. Four editions of the book have been published, and it has been said to have greatly influenced backpacking.

“After I returned from the hike, I received the blueprints Hersu friend of mine had promised me. The prints of the authentic Loue, designed by A.E. Järvinen himself. Just looking at the pictures got me interested.[…]Rainy days loue set up against to wind and under it we are fully safety. All works like drying wet clothes, repairing them, until cooking and coffee making you can do in sitting under loue shelter. Log fire doesn’t need care it burning whole night. And when bag packs get space under canvas all what you need are get at able by hands.”


This tent is completely open on one side. It shields you from the wind and rain but allows you to make optimal use of the heat from your campfire. Of course, alternative heat sources such as stoves can also be used. But how does it work?

Our Finnish Loue Canvas Tent is a traditional finnish design, is light in weight and forms a spacious semicircle when set up. It is meant to be used with a camp fire set in front of it, heating the shelter and as the material reflects the light and heat, the circulating warmth makes the shelter even comfier.

The Loue is also very easy to set up:

You can hang the top tip of the tent fabric from a tree, branch or walking stick. The bottom is fixed to the ground with pegs.The darts attached to the rear seams help keep the shelter taut to provide extra internal space and excellent protection against wind and rain. As a handy feature, two or three Loue can be combined to form a larger, enclosed tipi or Finnish kota-type of shelter.

For a basic setup, pitch the apex at around 150 – 180 cm using a tree or other available pole, and fasten the base to the ground. Place the Loue so that the prevailing winds blow across the opening of the loue – rather than from behind or infront – so that smoke from your fire is taken away rather than creating any eddies or blowing directly into the shelter. When raining, it’s best to use it against the wind.

Made in Spain

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  • Shelters 1-3 people
  • Height at front of tent: approx. 2m/6’7″
  • Packed size: approx. 40cm x 40cm x 10cm  ( 16″ x 16″ x 4″ )
  • Weight: approx. 2.5kg ( 5lb )
  • Colour: 100% Natural Cotton, Forest Green and/or Mountain Brown
  • 8 different heavy duty grommets
  • This 100% Cotton Canvas Tent breathes, repels water and withstands the casual fire ember; the dense canvas will also protect you from the scorching sun thanks to its light colour and natural properties.
  • Multiple set-ups
  • Our tents are strictly handmade and show slight variations in weight, dimensions and colour; making each tent unique.
  • Authentic 100% leather Bushcraft Spain tag. Regular black tag for the green canvas or the brown oilskin fabric
  • Our exclusive Sunshine Canvas™ is breathable and bright as well as water repellent, rot and mildew resistant. Its tight weave will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Poles not included.

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100% Cotton Canvas, Oilskin fabric


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