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There are many ways to get around the city. We believe that a bicycle is the best solution and that is why our range could not lack an extraordinary folding bike, which will be as comfortable as it is handy. And of course – electric!

Ecobike Even is a 250W electric assist folding bike. For the best driving stability, we placed the motor in the rear hub. The bike accelerates to 25 km/h, and the modern controller makes it smooth. Batteries manufactured on Greenway cells (11.6 Ah / 14.5 Ah / 17 Ah)) allow you to cover from 50 km to 140 km! The batteries are positioned vertically behind the seat tube, which makes it very convenient to remove them.

Each copy is factory-equipped with a throttle grip, which can be used to assist while walking the bike. There is an LCD display on the steering wheel, through which you can configure the assistance and control various data, such as kilometers traveled or battery charge level.

Despite its small size, Even allows you to speed through the city comfortably. The RST Carve P20 suspension fork soaks up troublesome bumps for a pleasant ride, and the Selle Royal saddle makes for a very comfortable seat. The handlebar with a wide range of height adjustment allows you to perfectly adjust the size of the bike to your height and is an additional asset when folding the bike. We also used a Shimano Tourney 6-speed derailleur for flexibility in a variety of conditions, and durable Schwalbe Big Apple tires provide great traction and absorb bumps well.

The equipment includes complete lighting, powered from the bicycle’s main battery. We also added a practical rack and mudguards.There are so many fantastic solutions in a bike that, when folded, fits easily in the trunk of a car and takes up little space at home!

There are many ways to get around the city. Even is the best!



Battery Power (Wh)

Maximum range

Bike weight

Engine power

417.6 Wh – 630 Wh
140 km
22.5 kg
Battery power (measured in Wh – watt-hours) translates into e.g. for maximum route range and riding time on an assisted electric bike with a fully charged battery It defines the maximum distance that can be covered on one battery charge. The distance depends on the weight of the rider, the difficulty of the terrain as well as the level of assistance The total weight of all components of the bicycle – engine, battery, frame and accessories. EcoBike electric bikes are characterized by the lowest ratio of weight to engine power The power of the electric bike motor translates into the maximum speed up to which the motor will support the ride. Some EcoBike electric bikes have the option of selecting the motor power, which allows you to assist up to 25, 35 or 45 km / h – depending on the country’s traffic regulations


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