EcoBike 19″ LX 500

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Progress is our way. Now you choose your own and follow it with the support of the best technology. Discover new possibilities with Ecobike LX500 and enjoy riding without limits!

The unique design of the LX500 combines the three most important factors for us: comfort, durability and ergonomics. Our proprietary frame geometry allows you to maintain the optimal position for both short trips and longer trips. The reinforced structure ensures safety, and all vibrations and shocks are distributed in such a way that the ride gives as much pleasure as possible. We managed to achieve excellent balance by placing the motor at the right angle and the battery at the bottom of the frame. You can be sure that the LX500 will drive safely and confidently, and thanks to the battery fully integrated into the frame, it will delight and surprise everyone.

The support system that the Ecobike LX500 hides inside is an intelligent organism. The Ananda® mid-engine generates 136 Nm of torque, which allows this machine to climb even the steepest climbs. Although the potential is very large, the user decides how he wants to ride, and the intelligent movement monitoring system will adjust the bike’s operation in such a way that it is smooth, lasts as long as possible, and at the same time is as close to natural riding as possible by bicycle.

Exceptional capabilities would not be possible without advanced power. Ecobike LX500 is supported by LG® batteries with a voltage of 48V equipped with a Smart BMS system that intelligently manages the operation of the battery, allowing it to be kept in good condition for years. There are two strong variants to choose from: 13 Ah with a power of 624 Wh and 17.5 Ah with a power of up to 840 Wh. We made sure that there was enough energy.

You will surely like the control panel with a color display. It has been equipped with a twilight sensor that automatically turns on the bike’s lighting after dark. The user-friendly interface ensures easy, intuitive operation, and there are many functions and configuration options for electric support.

At Ecobike, technological progress meets passion for bicycles. The LX500 is a proud example of this – in addition to proven technology, it could not lack reliable components. Traction on a bike like this one is essential. We took care of it with the RST® OMEGA TNL suspension fork and Schwalbe® Big Ben Plus 28×2.15 tyres. The highest level of safety is provided by SRAM® Level hydraulic disc brakes. The derailleur on an e-bike with a central motor must be very durable. We used the SRAM® GX model in the LX500.

To make the LX500 ready for anything right out of the box, we’ve equipped it with complete lighting, mudguards, a rack and a comfortable Selle Royal® saddle.

Ecobike LX500 was created so that you can choose your own path. Open up to new possibilities that its phenomenal technology will provide you with!

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Battery Power (Wh)

Maximum range

Bike weight

Engine power

624 – 840 Wh
150 km
250W – 960W
Battery power (measured in Wh – watt-hours) translates into e.g. for maximum route range and riding time on an assisted electric bike with a fully charged battery It defines the maximum distance that can be covered on one battery charge. The distance depends on the weight of the rider, the difficulty of the terrain as well as the level of assistance The total weight of all components of the bicycle – engine, battery, frame and accessories. EcoBike electric bikes are characterized by the lowest ratio of weight to engine power The power of the electric bike motor translates into the maximum speed up to which the motor will support the ride. Some EcoBike electric bikes have the option of selecting the motor power, which allows you to assist up to 25, 35 or 45 km / h – depending on the country’s traffic regulations


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