Ranger Grip 68


Large Pocket Knife with Two-Component Scales

No wood stands in the way of the Ranger Grip 68. Timber, forestry, and carving are built into its original Swiss Army Knife genes. And the new Ranger Grip 68 keeps this tradition going with its innovative two-component grip scales. Expertly engineered for faultless ergonomics and maximum grip, it is the go-to choice for artisan craftsmen.

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  1. Tweezers
  2. Toothpick
  3. Key ring
  4. Corkscrew
  5. Reamer, punch and sewing awl
  6. Blade, large
  7. Can opener
  8. Screwdriver 3 mm
  9. Bottle opener
  10. Screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
  11. Wire stripper


Height 20 mm
Length 130 mm
Width 32 mm
Weight 134 g


Material Polyamide
Blade lockable True
One hand blade False
No. of features 11
Color Red

Additional information

Weight 134 kg
Dimensions 13 × 2 cm

Large, Victorinox, Multi-tools

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