Oilskin Poncho Shelter


Introducing our versatile and heavy-duty Oilskin Poncho Shelter, the ultimate solution to staying dry under extreme conditions! Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, sailing, or facing an emergency survival situation, this poncho will be your reliable companion; inspired by the US G.I. Poncho and helped by the designs of famous survival instructor and adventurer in the Pyrenees, Juan José Sánchez, owner of the renowned school in Andorra JJ.Adventure. He’s spent years developing courses that help campers worldwide stay safe and comfortable in extreme conditions.

Being Bushcraft Spain, our poncho is made from 100% cotton canvas and boasts the famous oilskin finish. This ensures that it is not only water-resistant but also fire-resistant, making it a practical choice for campers who enjoy an open fire.

The poncho features press studs that allow you to create sleeves or connect two ponchos together. The hood is fitted with a premium leather string and a toggle, so you can easily adjust it to your liking. The snap buttons along the sides keep the poncho securely closed, providing extra protection from the elements.

The real advantage of this poncho is its versatility. When folded, it becomes small enough to carry in its own hood, making it easy to pack in your backpack or kit. You can use it as a wind stopper underquilt or even as a bivvy bag when folded lengthwise and fastened.

At 200 x 145 cm (79 x 57″) and weighing only 1kg (2.2lb), our poncho is compact yet generously sized to provide full coverage. The 100% brass eyelets make it easy to pitch a tent, and they will be particularly useful for hammock campers who can use the poncho as an underquilt by stuffing it or pairing it with a blanket.

Order now and experience the ultimate in versatile, heavy-duty rain protection!

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  • 100% cotton canvas with Bushcraft Spain’s oilskin finish
  • Water & fire-resistant, snap buttons to keep it closed
  • Wind stopper underquilt or bivvy bag when folded
  • Dimensions: 200x145cm (79″ x 57″)
  • Weight: 1kg (2.2lb)
  • 100% brass eyelets
  • Durable stitching, sustainable & plastic-free
  • Available in three colors: mountain brown, forest green & midnight black

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