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An artisanal Oilskin Bushcraft Pot Bag with extra Pockets for your kit.

The Bushpot Bag is made of 10 oz Oilskin fabric. It will hold a cook set and twine, cooking utensils, seasoning, fire starting device, and much more. Colors available are our iconic Mountain Brown and Forest Green; and pulls shut with a 100% Spanish leather string and a wooden toggle made out of olive wood. The enforced pocket seams will be extremely durable thanks to the rivets we added.

This is an ideal tool to take along on your next hiking adventure or camping trip! It’s convenient and light, it means that it will be there when you need it most: whether for storing all your cooking utensils; to keep your bushcraft pot in and not get the rest of your gear dirty; or even just using it as a traditional bag to keep pretty much anything inside…

There may be some slight variations compared to the photos every now and then due to the artisanal nature of all our products. We recommend getting a bigger bag than the desired diameter.

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  • #1 Bushpot Bag (Regular) 
  • Height: 25cm/10”
  • Diameter: 16cm/6.25″
  • 4 pockets 13cm/5” Deep x 13cm/5” Wide
  • (Fits Zebra 12cm, Zebra 14cm)
  • #2 Bushpot Bag (Large) 
  • Height: 25cm/10″
  • Diameter: 20cm/8”
  • 4 pockets 13cm/5” Deep x 15cm/6” Wide
  • (Fits Zebra 14cm, Zebra 16cm, Pathfinder Bushpot 64oz.)

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm

Large, Regular



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