Muela Lupus Deluxe Knife


Luxury edition knife of the Muela brand, belonging to that small and exclusive collection of outstanding knives that stand out for the use of superior raw materials and techniques. Within the reach of very few, these knives combine tradition and craftsmanship with materials such as rebujada silver, settings made of precious materials or special techniques such as etched or emery. These knives are almost like jewels, for lovers of the highest quality cutlery. This product is presented together with a wooden case and quality certificate.

Made in Spain

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Blade type: Hunting – Deluxe Edition

Blade length: 25 cm

Handle length: 14 cm

Total length: 39 cm

Blade material: Damascus RWL34

Material of the handle: Stag horn, wood, brass finished in boar’s head.

Sheath material: Brown leather to wear on the belt.

Weight: 530 gr

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