Muela KUDU Luxury Knife


The kudu is a very special knife: on the one hand, a series of collector’s items begins with it, which Muela has called the “African Safari Series”, since all the knives that will make it up will be dedicated to game species from the Black Continent. But it also stands out for the numerous and important characteristics that have been applied to distinguish it, such as:

– Full blade of Swedish steel Sandvik 14C28N, with nitrogen contribution. At the world forefront of steels used in cutlery due to its extraordinary characteristics.

– Scales made of granadillo wood, with a higher density than ebony, and held by mosaic pins.

– Ferrules of asteropeia from Madagascar, a wood considered precious and of great beauty. Of course, the grips and ferrules, together with their corresponding spacers, are adjusted by hand on each knife, thereby providing the enviable artisan touch that has made Muela world famous.

Made in Spain

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Blade type: Hunting

Blade length: 10 cm

Handle length: 10 cm

Total length: 20 cm

Blade material:  Sandvik 14C28N

Hardness: 60/62 HRc

Handle material: personalized granadillo wood and asteropeia from Madagascar.

Case material: premium leather decorated with genuine antelope skin.

Weight: 280 g

Extras: Limited edition numbered of 1000 units.

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