Joker Chamois Olivo 25.5 cm 295gr


The Spanish brand “Joker” has been manufacturing knives, folding knives and sports blades in a semi-artisan way in its facilities in Albacete for more than thirty years, taking maximum care of every detail of the product, thus creating articles that combine tradition with modernity. Each piece is made by hand in order to guarantee the best quality in the product, positioning itself as the leading brand in the bushcraft and mountain cutlery sector in Spain.

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  • Cuchillo deportivo Enterizo
  • Marca: Joker
  • Modelo: Chamoís
  • Referencia: CO31
  • Cruceta: Inox
  • Diseñado y Fabricado en España (Albacete)
  • Acero: Molibdeno Vanadio
  • Dureza: 56 – 58 HRC
  • Handle: Olivo
  • Punta de la hoja: Drop Point
  • Hoja en acabado Satinado
  • Largo de Hoja: 25,5 cm
  • Medida de Mango: 11 cm
  • Longitud total: 36,5 cm
  • Ancho de pala: 3 cm
  • Grueso de hoja: 5 mm
  • Peso del cuchillo: 300 gramos
  • Peso de la funda: 150 gramos
  • Peso total: 450 gramos
  • Funda: Piel de color marrón
  • Caja a color
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