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The Basque axes from the Jauregi family business, in Urnieta (Basque Country), are known worldwide for their quality. Its roots, with hardly any outside influence, maintain a uniquely curved handmade ax pattern: The Moon Bit (Ilargi Ahoa). Their roots are lost in history, they have had little influence from abroad, giving us this unique axe pattern. It’s specialized to get deep without getting stuck in the hard woods you can find in Basque forests. The robust but light handle, as well as a powerful ax head, help the hitting so that it is strong and dry, in order not to get stuck and bite the wood correctly.

The Jauregi Competition Axe / Racing Axe has a perfected shape to work best with knotless wood as shown on timber sports. We do not advise you to split wood, chop seasoned logs or fell trees disregarding potential knots or the overall hardness of the tree.

The hafting method used for this axe is the traditional wedge system.

Jauregi is the last Basque ax craftsman; Their ax heads are cast, then forged and tempered one by one, ensuring that the quality of each ax is optimal: The manufacturing method is unique today in the world, and the good work of Jauregi is indisputable in the artisan ax sector.


Weight: 2.0kg to 2.4kg, depending or availability

Total Lenght: 68cm.

The steel is 0.59-0.62 carbon steel hardened to 60HRC, the handle is made of solid beech, and it includes a sturdy leather sheath.


We sharpen every axe as a courtesy to our customers. If you intend to use this axe to split seasoned wood, or prefer to sharpen it yourself, please DO advise us so we will ship them to you unsharpened.

We also offer fire-engraving free of charge for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding gifts, Christmas presents, etc…

Jauregi axes are one of a kind artisanal pieces and as such, small details that could be perceived as imperfections are purely cosmetic and will only add flavour to the unique and long time trusted piece that will soon be in your hands.

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Handle: Competition handle. Solid beech.

Head: Custom Carbon Steel. Moon Bit (Racing Version)

Handle size: 68cm (26,77″)

Sheath: leather with steel rivets

Weight: 2.0kg to 2.4kg, depending on availability

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