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The Loue Canvas Tent: A Timeless Design from Finland

Camping is all about blending in with nature and embracing the great outdoors. And what better way to do that than with a Loue Canvas Tent, a traditional Finnish design that pays tribute to the way camping should be. Made of 100% organic cotton, this tent offers a more authentic, breathable, and naturally UV-resistant experience than synthetic materials. Available in Forest Green and Natural Canvas, as well as Forest Green or Mountain Brown for the oilskin version, the Loue Shelter is perfect for hunting and trekking excursions.

Easy to Set Up and Spacious

Setting up the Loue is a breeze. Simply hang the top tip of the tent fabric from a tree, branch, or walking stick, and fix the bottom to the ground with pegs. The darts attached to the rear seams help keep the shelter taut, providing extra internal space and excellent protection against wind and rain. For a basic setup, pitch the apex at around 150-180 cm using a tree or other available pole. It’s also possible to combine two or three Loue to form a larger, enclosed tipi or Finnish kota-type of shelter.

Warm and Cozy with a Campfire

The Loue is meant to be used with a campfire set in front of it, heating the shelter and reflecting light and heat to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. And if you prefer alternative heat sources such as stoves, they can be used as well. The tent is completely open on one side, shielding you from the wind and rain while still allowing you to make optimal use of the heat from your fire. Place the Loue so that the prevailing winds blow across the opening of the loue, taking smoke away from the shelter and keeping you comfortable.

The Origins of the Loue

The Loue Canvas Tent has its roots in Finland. A.E. Järvinen, a famous Finnish forester, painter, and writer, graduated as a forester in 1915 and went on to work in Rovaniemi as a forest appraiser for Metsähallitus and later as chief forester as head of the appraisal office. Järvinen wrote about the importance of a loue-fabric, a protector from the wind and rain, in his books. He described a loue-shelter as good for a small group of 1-3 persons, light and spacious, and providing warmth as well as protection from the rain and smoke.

Kullervo Kemppinen, a boy-scout leader, also played a role in making the Loue world-famous. Kemppinen wrote dozens of books about the outdoors, based on over 50 hill hikes he made to the Saariselä fells, Lemmenjoki, Muotka, Paistunturi, Pallas-Ounas, Käsivarte, and Ruija between 1948 and 1995. His first book, Lumikuru, stories and pictures from the Saariselkä fells, was based on a hike he made in 1950 and has greatly influenced backpacking. Kemppinen wrote about receiving the blueprints of the authentic Loue, designed by A.E. Järvinen himself, after a hike and being immediately intrigued. He described the Loue as a shelter that provided full protection from the wind and rain, where all activities such as drying wet clothes, repairing them, cooking, and coffee making could be done sitting under its protection.

The Loue Canvas Tent is a timeless design that offers a traditional, authentic, and comfortable camping experience.

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  • Shelters 1-3 people
  • Height at front of tent: approx. 2m/6’7″
  • Packed size: approx. 40cm x 40cm x 10cm  ( 16″ x 16″ x 4″ )
  • Weight: approx. 2.5kg ( 5lb )
  • Colour: 100% Natural Cotton, Forest Green and/or Mountain Brown
  • 8 different heavy duty grommets
  • This 100% Cotton Canvas Tent breathes, repels water and withstands the casual fire ember; the dense canvas will also protect you from the scorching sun thanks to its light colour and natural properties.
  • Multiple set-ups
  • Our tents are strictly handmade and show slight variations in weight, dimensions and colour; making each tent unique.
  • Authentic 100% leather Bushcraft Spain tag. Regular black tag for the green canvas or the brown oilskin fabric
  • Our exclusive Sunshine Canvas™ is breathable and bright as well as water repellent, rot and mildew resistant. Its tight weave will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Poles not included.

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100% Cotton Canvas, Oilskin fabric


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