Bushcraft tarred rope 6mm

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Traditional twine (4mm) and rope (6mm) made from the fine threads of the hemp plant, coated with tar.

Tarred yarn has been used aboard sailing ships for rigging, to serve and knot tying, as well as for tying the so-called ratΙines and hanks for centuries, it has been very common throughout the centuries in wilderness areas where it became a basic supply for pioneers. Historically these yarns were made from hemp which had to be impregnated in “Swedish tar” for conservation. Wood tar is washed out by rain and spindrift after a year, until then it is Water and UV resistant. Apply some amount of oil/wax reproofing cream to keep the rope as efficient as the first day.

By the way… our tarred rope is resistant to the occasional open flame and it’s a great tinder!

But how does a rope with these two characteristics work and what extra capabilities does it have?

Process the rope fibers to make a bird’s nest. Throw high temperature sparks by the means of a ferrocerium rod or similar. It will catch the sparks amazingly! The flame the nest will provide will be very ample, hot and fast: this is called a Flash Tinder.

Do you want a more sustainable flame? Use separate yarns of your rope as kindling or just press more tightly some parts of the nest you created, it will help maintain a flame for longer. Blowing into it will restart your flame!

Expose a piece of rope to a flame long enough until it finally catches on fire, voilà! You just created a portable flame: this makeshift candle works because of the infused tar in the rope, as it melts and feeds the natural hemp fibre.

Not enough light? Wrap a good amount of rope around the end of a branch and light it, you will be crafting a Fire Torch in no time thanks to the waterproofing formula. (If your branch has some resin at the end of it, you add some wax, oil or fat to it, you will make it last longer)

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  • Available in 20 and 40 meter hanks*  Want more? Write us for special bigger orders.
  • 100% organic and biodegradable hemp
  • Traditional look and amazing feel to the touch
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • The tarring formula makes tying very secure knots a breeze
  • Fire and Tinder special capabilities: Flash tinder, Kindling, Candle making, Torch making


*The biggest 200m spool of tarred rope can have some cuts due to the nature of its tarring process.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm

20m, 40m

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