Budding Knife Combi 2


Pruning Knife with Pointed Tip

Keen gardeners know that the process of budding produces strong, productive plants with plentiful growth. Which is why we’ve designed our essential Budding Knife Combi 2 to ensure accurate cuts and bark lifting. Fitted with a sharp, pointed tip blade with both an integrated and separate brass bark remover, this tool will help your fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs flourish.

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  1. Brass bark lifter
  2. Blade, pointed tip
  3. Bark lifter


Height 12 mm
Length 94 mm
Width 24 mm
Weight 43 g


Material Nylon
Blade lockable False
One hand blade False
No. of features 3
Color Red

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 1.2 cm

Garden, Victorinox, Multi-tools

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