100% EXTRAFINE Merino Blanket

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Utilising minimal mechanisation and the same traditional techniques we have been using since the 1930s, these hand-crafted merino wool blankets are wonderful for wrapping up in for a cozy sofa, movie or blanket night

They are very soft and warm, perfect for decorating a traditional house or cabin, and of course excellent at camp next to a fire. Arguably the best merino wool blanket property is its ability to transform and improve your sleep, always making sure that the right temperature is kept so you avoid overheating or getting too cold. In a research study from the University of Sydney, it was found that those wearing merino sleepwear or sleeping with a merino wool blanket fell asleep quicker than those using synthetic materials.

Our premium blankets, due to high demand, are sometimes made to order. Please let us know which model is your favourite and we’ll be happy help! 🙂

100% Made in Spain



Material: 100% Super Fine Merino Wool

Sizes: THROW SIZE 130x200cm

Density: 290g/m2 (8.5oz)

Washing instructions:

1_Do not wash

2_Do not bleach

3_Do not tumble dry

4_Do not Iron

5_Dry Cleaning

Keeping instructions: Use a velvet brush, always in the direction of the nap.

Made in Spain

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